Celebrity Sponsors Voices

Susan Rockefeller

  As a Mother, filmmaker, and activist, I support and applaud LEAF’s efforts to empower our youth to become environmental leaders. It is vital that we listen to their concerns for their planet and do all we can to support their voice! Susan Cohn Rockefeller, Filmmaker and OCEANA Board Member   

Charles Hambleton

 It’s an honor to be involved with LEAF and be able to help support their efforts. The wisdom and enthusiasm of young and inspired filmmakers given an opportunity can surely help shape a more positive future. With fresh eyes they can address issues forgotten or ignored by many older people who refuse to break environmentally bad habits – and won’t have to live with the consequences. Charles Hambleton, associate producer of Oscar Winner "The Cove"     

Derek Sabori

  LEAF rocks! The entries have been amazing and the energy that was created by all the creativity and messaging was awesome. We’re looking forward to this year being just as good, if not better. If you’re a High School student in California  or America– get on it, join LEAF! Derek Sabori, Volcom advisor  Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility  

Ed Begley Jr

 I’m so proud to be a part of LEAF in their efforts to inspire and engage young people to try to make a difference. By involving them in LEAF’s ECOmmercial contest we can not only foster creativity in our youth, but also give them the tools to help tackle some of our larger environmental problems. Ed Begley, Jr., Founding Celebrity LEAF Partner  

Pierre-Andre Senizergues

 Today’s youth have the power to change our world! High school students can influence their parents, their community and local governments to take action. L.E.A.F. provides the tools to fuel change for a spectacular future. Let’s all lighten our footprint together. Yes, we can do this! Pierre-Andre Senizergues, Former world champion skateboarder and CEO/owner of etnies  

P.T. - Peter Townend

 If we can through LEAF convince kids to care about their environment through the creative use of film-making, then we’ve done a good thing! Peter Townend (PT), First World Champion Surfer