2018 Voice 4 water disney recognition video reel

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Downtown Disney Voice 4 Water Interviews

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2018 voice 4 water Southern CA Winners & finalists


Disney recognizes Voice 4 Water Winners & Finalists on Earth Day 4/22/18 at Downtown Disney


Disney 1st Place

Tiffany Ramirez   Water is color in my life http://indi.com/9bvw3

Disney 2nd Place

Alexis Sagastume, Ana Jeronimo Morales, Deisy Sandoval Castro Amber Alert H2O  http://indi.com/9dfsg

Disney 3rd Place

Dayana Martinez   Plastic Straw Pollution http://indi.com/9dfrx

Disney Finalists  

Nicole Aragon  Our Voice 4 Water  http://indi.com/9dftc

John Cervantes  h20 bro http://indi.com/9bwfz

Nikolas Sreng ball is life http://indi.com/9bsfv

Steve Solorio  water we need it http://indi.com/9bwmq

Christian Muniz  Stop The Drought http://indi.com/9dfs7

Donna Miranda  Water For Change http://indi.com/9c5hk

2018 Voice 4 Water Southern CA Winners

1st Place Municipal Water District of Orange County Winner 

Tiffany Ramirez,  Water is color in my life        http://indi.com/9bvw3   

1st Place Metropolitan Water District of Southern CA

Steve Solorio  Water We Need It   http://indi.com/9bwmq

Most Creative Metropolitan Water District of Southern CA

Mason Nakada, Miguel Soriano, Yobanni Vazquez     

Precious  http://indi.com/9d85s

1st Place ITOF Best Smart Phone

Jasmine Lopez, Isabell Davis, Cristian Lopez

Conserve Water       http://indi.com/9d82w    

Inside The Outdoors Foundation Most Creative  

Cindy Olivia Voice 4 Water     http://indi.com/9d86z    

Most Social Media Buzz Winner

Avalon Buton, Why is Water Important to You?       http://indi.com/9d7p8