about L.e.a.f.

What is L.E.A.F.?


A project under Inside The Outdoors Foundation, the  Leaders of Environmental Action Films (L.E.A.F.) began six years ago as an ecommercial film contest challenging high school students to create a 30/60 second PSAs on any sustainability subject of their choice.  

The mission of L.E.A.F. is to empower youth to be environmental leaders through film, music, sports, fashion and technology. We have received hundreds of quality commercials each year from the next future filmmakers. The winners of L.E.A.F. have been honored at film festivals, received amazing prizes, recognized by Oscar winners, hired as interns, filmed official videos for AEG, WB, Hurley, will.i.am and most have graduated from USC Film School.       

Voice 4 Planet & Water Contests


Be The Voice 4 The Planet (open nationwide High School students) create 30 or 60 second commercial on any sustainable subject of their choice – with a music video category recognized by Grammy artists.  

Be The Voice 4 Water (open Southern California High School Students) create 30 second commercial on water related topic. Enter at indi.com/leafrocks/voice4water  

Students be sure to  upload your video to the official indi.com/leafrocks site and FOR BONUS PRIZE opportunities upload your video to all your social media platforms FB, IG, Twitter with hashtag #voice4planet 


 “Today’s youth have the power to change our world! High school students can influence their parents, their community and local governments to take action. L.E.A.F. provides the tools to fuel change for a spectacular future. Let’s all lighten our footprint together. Yes, we can do this!” Pierre-Andre Senizergues, CEO/owner of etnies & Executive Producer of Leonardo Di Caprio’s 11th Hour Documentary