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LEAF Winners were recognized and won MY Hero International PSA awards 2011 at USC  -   


What is L.E.A.F.? video reel created with Volcom 

L.E.A.F. 2011 winners reel   

LEAF promo created by Volcom with Alex Gray (Volcom Pro Surfer)   

Follow the Example of the Dragon  coca cola AEG beats by dr dre ECOCYCLE video filmed by LEAF winners   

LEAF PSA with Ed Begley Water/Oceans for cityNB filmed by LEAF winners   

What If? Created by students in Santa Ana    

VOLCOM global action sports = why leaf?

Volcom shares as a global brand why they joined LEAF at the SUSTAIN OC Water Summit

 LEAF rocks! The entries have been amazing and the energy that was created by all the creativity and messaging was awesome. We’re looking forward to this year being just as good, if not better. If you’re a High School student in California  or America– get on it, join LEAF! Derek Sabori, Volcom advisor  Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility