2018 voice 4 The Planet Winners

Contest closed 4/15 and the process of selecting finalists & winners is in process

We are so excited to have almost 200 video submissions for students nationwide.  The finalist will be announced  5/15 and the final voting by 5/30.  Winners announced first week June, 2018!



magedinagram Litter  http://indi.com/9cg5k

conserve water - song http://indi.com/9dp9p

villians mother nature dark http://indi.com/9ds3x

ahsley 99 save it   http://indi.com/9dvpx

plastic plague plastic pollution 1950 http://indi.com/9d946

throwing away money recycling money wasted http://indi.com/9dtzilk

iloceanpsa plastic pollution http://indi.com/9d456

jeremy palad enter future technology http://indi.com/9d86h

jaeger plastic pollution storm drain http://indi.com/9dw44

vandergrift alyssa climate change http://indi.com/9dw6b

sweet nathan nature is dying up http://indi.com/9dw5x

christain muniz stop the drought http://indi.com/9dw8f

sagastume alexis wildfires http://indi.com/9dw69

Congratulations to all the students for being a Voice 4 The Planet and making a difference!